Water Tank Cleaning

Effectively managing Legionella risk.

If you have hot and cold water services, you likely have water storage tanks which can be a source of Legionella bacteria growth. The need for water tank cleaning and disinfection is determined by an inspection to check their condition. At Glacier Environmental Ltd, our knowledgeable, technically trained engineers can carry out inspections and water tank cleaning safely and effectively.

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What’s involved during water tank cleaning?

Cleaning and disinfection involves the removal of contamination for a cold water storage tank or hot water calorifier.

A team of trained engineers will safely:
Drain the vessel
Remove debris
Clean the sides (where possible)
Disinfect and refresh with clean water

At Glacier, disinfection is carried out in accordance with the HSG:274 guidance from the Health and Safety Executive and the British Standard 8558.

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Thanks to Glacier’s expertise and dedication, we successfully resolved a challenging legionella control issue at our manufacturing facility. Their meticulous approach to risk assessment and strategic guidance throughout the control and monitoring process proved invaluable. Glacier quickly identified the root cause of the issue and provided targeted engineering solutions. Their proactive measures not only mitigated the risk but also optimised our facility’s overall safety protocols.

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Control Legionella risk using a hot and cold water monitoring programme

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