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Legionella testing

Legionella is a common waterborne bacteria which multiples quickly under the right conditions. Inhalation of an aerosol containing Legionella bacteria can lead to Legionnaires’ disease. You can find out more about the effects of Legionnaires’ disease on the human body here. Legionella testing usually starts with a risk assessment carried out by a trained professional.

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Breading grounds for Legionella bacteria

Building services water systems such as cooling towers, cold water tanks, hot water heaters & calorifiers are breading grounds for Legionella bacteria. The prime water temperature for proliferation is in the range of 20-45oC. Building services water systems also provide the ideal mechanism for distributing the bacteria, for example, through contaminated water vapour via cooling towers, showers, spray taps, spa baths and other water spray systems.

Legionella health & safety legislation

Health & safety legislation for the control of Legionella bacteria

Water systems are a potential risk and require assessment by a competent person in accordance with guidelines issued from the Health & Safety Executive; namely ACoP L8 ‘The control of Legionella bacteria in water systems’ and a new BS standard BS:8580. Completing a water system risk assessment identifies risks and the control measures required to manage them.

Controlling Legionella bacteria

Controlling Legionella bacteria

Control measures include a number of options, for example;
– Maintaining a water temperature outside 20-45oC.
– Cleaning and disinfection of cold water tanks and shower heads.
– Inspection of calorifiers.
– Chemical treatment programmes for cooling towers and evaporative condensers.
– The use of specialist inhibitors, biocides and dispersants.

Maintenance and monitoring programs for Legionella control

Legionella monitoring programs

A Legionella risk assessment establishes maintenance and monitoring programs that will be required to maintain water systems without health risks. Programs typically include a mix of temperature monitoring, inspection and sampling for domestic water systems, chemical testing, weekly inspections and monitoring for cooling towers and evaporative condensers

Glacier Environmentals expert services for Legionella control

Our in-house specialised work force:
– Train in accordance with the Legionella Control Association training matrix
– Operate quality procedures in-line with the latest ISO 9001 standards
– Are members of the Legionella Control Association, CHAS, Safe Contractor and the Water Management Society

Legionella risk assessment is vital to protect the health and safety of people in your building. If you do not undertake appropriate assessments or preventative measures, you will be legally liable for any harm, injury, or even death, in the event of a Legionella outbreak. Avoid the risk – contact Glacier Environmental Ltd to get your risk assessment completed now.

How much does the service cost?

The price will vary depending on the size and complexity of the system and building. The average cost for assessing a small office block with Glacier is approximately £450. For small, non-complex systems, the cost can be as little as £225.  

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