About Legionella

Legionnaires disease is an illness contracted by breathing in water vapour containing the Legionella bacteria.

Legionella bacteria is a common waterborne bacteria, which multiples quickly under the right conditions. Building services water systems such as Cooling Towers, Cold Water Tanks, Hot Water Heaters & Calorifiers provide ideal breading grounds for Legionella Bacteria. The prime water temperature for proliferation would be in the range of 20 -45oC. Building services water systems also provide the ideal mechanism for distributing the Legionella bacteria through contaminated water vapour via Cooling Towers, showers, spray taps, Spa Baths Jacuzzis and other water spray systems.

All water systems are a potential risk and as such require a risk assessment to be undertaken by a competent person in accordance with guidelines issued from the Health & Safety Commission namely ACoP L8 ‘The control of Legionella bacteria in water systems’ and a new BS standard BS:8580. Once a water system risk assessment has been completed the risks will be identified and control measures put in place.

Control measures will include a number of options from risk elimination, maintaining the water outside the optimum Legionella growth range of 20 -45oC, cleaning and disinfection of cold water tanks and hot water heaters, chemical treatment programmes for cooling towers and evaporative condensers. This would include the use of specialist inhibitors, biocides and dispersants, cleaning and disinfection of cooling towers and evaporative condensers.

The water hygiene risk and Legionnaires disease assessment will also establish maintenance and monitoring programs that will be required in order to maintain the water systems without risk to health of the buildings occupants and visitors. The monitoring and maintenance programs would typically include a mix of temperature monitoring, inspection and sampling for domestic water system, chemical testing, weekly inspections and monitoring for cooling towers and evaporative condensers.

Glacier Environmental ltd is an established water treatment/hygiene company specialising in the control and maintenance of water systems that are a potential risk for Legionnaires disease and for new chemical technologies. We offer a UK wide service maintaining water systems for a wide variety of clients.

Glacier Environmental’s products supplied to these customers range include Legionella risk assessments, cold water storage tank cleaning, calorifier and hot water tank cleaning and inspection, cold water tank refurbishment, cooling tower treatment, cooling tower cleaning and disinfection, bacteriological testing and sampling, Legionella testing and sampling.

We employ an in-house specialised work force trained in accordance with the Legionella Control Association training matrix, that deal with Legionnaires disease. Glacier Environmental ltd operate quality procedures inline with the latest ISO 9001 standards, in addition Glacier Environmental ltd are members of The Legionella Control Association, CHAS, Safe Contractor and  our staff are members of The  Water Management Society.


Glacier Environmental ltd is a firm believer in technology, innovation and improvements to working practices.