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Optimal steam boiler performance and longevity.

Steam boilers play a critical role in various industrial processes, serving as essential components for generating steam used in heating, power generation and other applications.

To ensure optimal performance and longevity of steam boilers, it is crucial to conduct regular chemical analysis of boiler water as per established standards. Here at Glacier Environmental Ltd we strictly follow the BS2468 guidelines for steam boiler chemical analysis.

Key parameters for chemical analysis

Glacier Environmental Ltd and BS2468 specifies several key parameters for chemical analysis of steam boiler water, including but not limited to:

Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)
TDS refers to the total concentration of dissolved solids in boiler water and is a crucial indicator of water quality. Elevated TDS levels can lead to scale formation, corrosion, and reduced boiler efficiency.

Alkalinity measures the capacity of water to neutralize acids, helping maintain the boiler water pH within acceptable limits and prevent corrosion.

Chloride ions in boiler water can contribute to corrosion, particularly in high-pressure steam systems. Monitoring chloride levels is essential for preventing corrosion damage to boiler components.

Silica can form deposits on boiler surfaces, leading to scale formation and decreased heat transfer efficiency. Controlling silica levels is essential for preventing scale buildup and maintaining boiler performance.

pH level influences corrosion rates and scale formation in steam boilers. Maintaining the pH within the recommended range is critical for preserving boiler integrity and efficiency.

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Glacier Environmental interpret chemical analysis results in accordance with BS2468 guidelines which allows boiler operators to collaborate with Glacier’s staff and assess water quality, identify potential issues, and take appropriate corrective actions.

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