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Are you the owner or operator of a building in Cheltenham? Did you know it’s your legal responsibility to undertake a Legionella Risk Assessment? Glacier Environmental Ltd are experts in Legionella risk assessment in Cheltenham and can help you with Legionella control.

Legionella risk assessment is vital to protect the health and safety of people in your building. If you do not undertake appropriate assessments or preventative measures, you will be legally liable for any harm, injury, or even death, in the event of a Legionella outbreak. Avoid the risk – contact Glacier Environmental Ltd for an assessment now.

Do I need a Legionella risk assessment?

It is the legal duty of the building operator to undertake or appoint competent individuals to undertake a Legionella risk assessment. This is the first step towards a water treatment and hygiene programme. Through identifying the risks and implementing a control and monitoring programme you can satisfy the Health & Safety Executives ACoP L8 guidance and Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 amongst others.

Glacier risk assessor for Legionella risk assessment in Cheltenham

What’s involved during a Legionella risk assessment?

A qualified Legionella risk assessor will arrive at your building and carry out a non-intrusive survey of the water systems, paying particular attention to more susceptible assets in the building. All risks are identified and evaluated against a standard set of criteria.

A full report is issued either electronically or in hard copy following completion of the survey. All reports include a set of recommendations that can form part of an ongoing improvement scheme.

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How much does the service cost?

The price will vary depending on the size and complexity of the system and building. The average cost for assessing a small office block with Glacier is approximately £450. For small, non-complex systems, the cost can be as little as £225.  

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I was initially unsure about the importance of legionella control services for our building. However, after enlisting the help of Glacier Environmental, I’m truly grateful for their help and expertise. Their team guided me through the process with patience and clarity, explaining the potential risks and providing effective solutions that matched my level of understanding. Thanks to their professional approach, I now have peace of mind knowing that we’re proactively safeguarded against legionella and are working within the guidelines.

Emma | Office Facilities | London

We have used Glacier Environmental for our water temperature and legionella testing on a monthly basis since 2016 and are very satisfied with the service they provide.   All of the engineers I have dealt with are both friendly and helpful and have the knowledge and experience to carry out our testing with ease thus giving us the reassurance that we need.

 J Welch | BBA Aviation Plc

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