Legionella Risk Assessment

inspector conducting a legionella test

What is a Legionella risk assessment?

A Legionella risk assessment is a vital health and safety procedure that both protects you, your business, and everyone who uses your facilities. Businesses and building owners in the UK are legally required to have them done regularly, as the risks of neglecting them can be severe. The assessment takes the form of a survey and report provided by the assessor that details the areas of your site that pose a threat of legionella. During the process, your risk assessor…

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legionella test form

Who can carry out a Legionella risk assessment?

It’s required by law that buildings are regularly carrying out Legionella Risk Assessments for the sake of health and safety. The consequences can be severe if they are not undertaken. But do you know who can legally carry out a legionella risk assessment? What is Legionella? Legionella is a naturally occurring water-borne bacteria. It grows in water systems that are not properly maintained and, if ingested, it has the potential to cause serious illness. Legionella bacteria will usually be found…

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