Water Testing and Hygiene

Is your building protected against Legionella? Are your water systems safe, hygienic, and up to health and safety standards? Water testing is a vital part of meeting your obligations.

Building owners and operators have a legal responsibility to perform water testing to assess the risk of Legionella, and take preventative measures to protect building users and inhabitants.

At Glacier Environmental, we are experts in water hygiene and safety, offering:

  • Water Testing and Risk assessments
  • Cleaning and Disinfection of water systems
  • Hot and cold water monitoring

We’ll help you meet your legal obligations and protect your building users – and your reputation – from the risk of injury, harm, or even death from water-borne illness.

Water Testing for Legionella


Legionella bacteria is found in water, which means it can contaminate areas and appliances in your building, including water tanks, air conditioners, plumbing systems, cooling towers, spray systems, hot tubs and anywhere else water is present. Every building has water, therefore every building needs to be vigilant about legionella.

During your risk assessment, a qualified Legionella Risk Assessor will arrive at your building and carry out a non-intrusive survey of the water systems, paying particular attention to more susceptible assets in the building. The risks are then identified and evaluated against a standard set of criteria.

Post-assessment actions

Once you have had a risk assessment, it is still your responsibility to act on the recommendations included in your report. Assessing the risk is only step one – mitigating it is also up to you.

Depending on the outcome of your assessment, you might need to engage in disinfection and cleaning to tackle areas of high risk. You also need to monitor your systems regularly to ensure they remain safe.

If you can’t show proof of preventative measures in the event of an outbreak, you will be held legally responsible.

Cleaning and disinfection

Guidance around legionella states that the risk should be controlled by keeping water systems, and the water within, clean and free of contamination and corrosion.

A clean and disinfection is a method of removing any contamination from a cold water storage tank or hot water calorifier.

A team of trained engineers will drain the vessel, remove debris and clean the sides (where possible) in a safe manner. the system would then be refreshed with fresh water and disinfected in accordance with HSG:274 and BS:8558.

Hot and cold water monitoring

Running tap with clear water

After a Legionella Risk Assessment, it is vital to set-up a monitoring regime for Hot & Cod water services. A ‘written scheme’ will provide the information on the areas of concern and how to control the risk and create effective precautions.

A monitoring programme in-line with HSG:274 should include temperature monitoring, showerhead cleaning, TMV maintenance, calorifier inspections, and cold-water tank inspections, amongst other items. The monitoring keeps track of bacteria and alerts to any new or emerging risks that must be dealt with.

You should record and keep the data for at least 5 years. This would help prove the effectiveness of the programme and provide evidence for any audits from the Health & Safety Executive.

Why choose Glacier to keep your water safe?

Our engineers are highly trained and come with a wealth of knowledge from within the industry. We have over 20 years’ experience working alongside facilities managers, consultants and large multi-site clients. Training is carried out internally and externally by accredited providers.

As a member of the Legionella Control Association, our management systems have been developed with the Code of Conduct and Service Standards in mind, allowing Glacier to assist you in controlling the legionella risk associated with your water systems.

We are experts in water testing and hygiene, and offer a full service solution to your requirements, from testing to sanitation and monitoring.

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“We have used Glacier Environmental for our water temperature and legionella testing on a monthly basis since 2016 and are very satisfied with the service they provide.   All of the engineers I have dealt with are both friendly and helpful and have the knowledge and experience to carry out our testing with ease thus giving us the reassurance that we need.”

 J Welch, Executive Assistant – BBA Aviation plc, London Head Office

“Glacier Environmental are one of our most reliable and effective contractors. They perform all their activities with little or no input from ourselves. We have been that impressed with the service from Glacier, we have expanded their portfolio into other divisions of BBA.”

N Disney, Facility, Health, Safety, and Environmental Manager – Ontic Engineering & Manufacturing

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