Legionella Risk Assessment in Bristol

Are you the owner or operator of a building in Bristol? Did you know it’s your legal responsibility to undertake a Legionella Risk Assessment? Glacier Environmental are experts in legionella risk assessment in Bristol and throughout the UK and can help you with legionella control.

Water hygiene is vital to protect the health and safety of people in your building and protect you from liability in the event of a problem. If you do not undertake appropriate risk assessments or preventative measures, you will be legally liable for any harm, injury, or even death, in the event of a preventable outbreak due to legionella in your water. 

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What is a Legionella Risk Assessment? 

Legionella is a form of bacteria that can contaminate water systems and cause health problems to those using the building. It can be found in any water system and, as such, it is a legal requirement to all building owners and operators to protect users from the risk of legionella. A risk assessment is the first step to fulfilling the requirements laid out by the HSE. 

A legionella risk assessment involves one of our experienced assessors carrying out a non-intrusive survey of your water system. This will allow them to create a report which measures the safety of your water against a list of criteria, evaluating the risk to your building users. Each report will also come issued with a set of recommendations to improve your water system’s protection against legionella. 

Do you need a Legionella Risk Assessment? 

Yes, almost all businesses and public-use buildings require a comprehensive risk assessment. If your business or building in Bristol has any sort of water system, it should be regularly surveyed. Not only does this protect your building users from dangerous health conditions such as Legionnaire’s Disease, but it prevents you from becoming vulnerable to legal action and heavy fines. 

The Approved Code of Practice and Health & Safety Guidance 274 (ACOP) offers clear guidance what must be put in place to fulfil your legal requirements. This includes: 

1. A legionella risk assessment carried out by a competent person to identify and assess potential sources of risk. 

2. A written plan giving advice on suitable precautions to control the risk of Legionella and an assigned person to manage the scheme. 

3. A regularly updated log book including detailed records. 

qualified expert performing legionella risk assessment in Bristol in a building

What does Legionella Risk Assessment include?

A trained assessor from our Bristol team will survey your entire water system, paying particular attention to any points of risk. These could include anywhere where water is stored or where it could collect and become stagnant- such as long pieces of pipe work, cooling towers or rarely used outlets. This is because still water between 20 oC and 45 oC  is a perfect environment for legionella bacteria. Anywhere in the system where spray may be created presents an additional risk to building users. 

The surveyor may also ask to check previous assessments to see if the recommendations mentioned in them were carried out. 

After the survey, you will be sent a report and a list of recommendations. This can be done digitally or using a hard copy, to your preference.  

Why should you choose Glacier?

The highly trained experts at Glacier are specialists in water hygiene and have carried out hundreds of risk assessments. Our team in Bristol are reliable, knowledgeable and friendly and the surveys they perform are non-intrusive.   

Glacier Environmental are members of the Legionella Control Association and comply with their responsible code of conduct. Our concise reporting conforms to the industry standards set out in ACoP L8 and BS:8580. 

How much does the service cost? 

The price will vary depending on the size and complexity of the system and building. The average cost for assessing a small office block with Glacier is approximately £450. For small, non-complex systems, the cost can be as little as £225.  

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 “We have used Glacier Environmental for our water temperature and legionella testing on a monthly basis since 2016 and are very satisfied with the service they provide. All of the engineers I have dealt with are both friendly and helpful and have the knowledge and experience to carry out our testing with ease thus giving us the reassurance that we need.”

 Julie, Executive Assistant – BBA Aviation plc, London Head Office 

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