Water Storage Tank Cleaning & Disinfection

Do I need a Water Storage Tank Clean and Disinfection?

If you have hot & cold water services you may have cold and hot water storage. These storage systems can be source of bacteria growth and require inspection and maybe clean & disinfection.

“The risk from exposure to legionella should be controlled by keeping the water system and water in it clean and free from nutrients, including those arising from contamination and corrosion; and maintaining its cleanliness.” HSG:274 Part 2 Technical Guidance , paragraph 2.126.

What’s involved during a Clean & Disinfection?

A clean and disinfection is a method of removing any contamination from a cold water storage tank or hot water calorifier.

A team of trained engineers will drain the vessel, remove debris and clean the sides (where possible) in a safe manner. the system would then be refreshed with fresh water and disinfected in accordance with HSG:274 and BS:8558.

Why Glacier?

Our engineers are highly trained and come with a wealth of knowledge from within the industry. We have over 20 years experience working alongside facilities managers, consultants and large multi-site clients. Training is carried out internally and externally by accredited providers.

As a member of the Legionella Control Association, our management systems regarding cleaning & disinfection have been developed with the Code of Conduct and Service Standards in mind, allowing Glacier to assist you in controlling the legionella risk associated with your water systems.