Microbiological Analysis

Do I need microbiological sampling?

Domestic water services are supplied with wholesome water and therefore ACoP L8 and HSG:274 does not require microbiological sampling. However where potable drinking water is stored it is altered and this can prove to be at risk and that is when we recommend a microbiological sampling programme. This would also show diligence under a ‘duty of care’ as per HSE Health & Safety at Work Act.

Under a ‘duty of care’ it is essential to prove the quality of domestic water.

What’s involved during sampling?

Glacier Environmental can offer a wide variety of sample testing. We would visit site and take the samples. Some samples  would require incubating and would be transported to a UKAS accredited laboratory in a timely manner.

To name a few; samples can be Dipslides TVCC, Coliforms, Legionella, Nitrate Reducing Bacteria, Staphaureus and Pseudomonas

Why Glacier?

All microbiological samples are taken, transported and analysed under UKAS accredited conditions.

As a member of the Legionella Control Association, our management systems regarding microbiological sampling have been developed with the Code of Conduct and Service Standards in mind, allowing Glacier to assist you in controlling the legionella risk associated with your water systems.