ACoP L8 Hot & Cold Water Monitoring Programmes

Do I need a Monitoring Programme?

Following a Legionella Risk Assessment it is key to set-up a monitoring regime for Hot & Cod water services. A ‘written scheme’ will provide the information on the areas of concern and how to control the risk.

“For precautions to remain effective, the condition and performance of the system will need to be monitored. The appointed responsible person should oversee and manage this. Or, where appropriate, an external contractor or an independent third party can do it.” ACoP L8:2013, paragraph 65.

What’s involved during a Monitoring Programme?

A monitoring programme in-line with HSG:274 should include temperature monitoring, showerhead cleaning, TMV maintenance, calorifier inspections, cold-water tank inspections amongst other items.

A repository should be put together for recording the data that is gathered and kept for at least 5 years. This would help prove the effectiveness of the programme and provide evidence for any audits from the Health & Safety Executive.

Why Glacier?

For Legionella control Glacier work on a contractual basis giving full support to building managers and duty holders. This allows the responsibility to be shared and provide peace of mind for those who have stretched time schedules.

Our account managers are highly trained and come with a wealth of knowledge from within the industry. We have over 20 years experience working alongside facilities managers, consultants and large multi-site clients.

All our site visits are pre-planned giving a full compliance and checked/reviewed regularly. Our non-conformity reporting structure also provide a sense of security that everything is completed in a timely manner and inline with HSG:274.

As a member of the Legionella Control Association, our management systems regarding monitoring programmes have been developed with the Code of Conduct and Service Standards in mind, allowing Glacier to assist you in controlling the legionella risk associated with your water systems.